Odyssey multi-modal AI platform makes your proprietary knowledge ready for GenAI 

Get what you want -
Bridge the gap between domain knowledge & GenAI

Private. Credible. Green

Odyssey Multi-Modal AI Platform

Odyssey identifies, extracts and classifies your multi-modal data into proprietary knowledge for GenAI use cases. It makes language models fit for your needs:

Delivers zero hallucination -  precise, contextually relevant responses, few shot prompts
Inline localized source attribution for responses - increases trust 
Transforms business logic into AI reasoning models
Unique pre-built intelligent agents & AI skills - increases productivity
InteliCompressionTM - data compression technology slashes costs (storage by 90%, compute resources by 30%). Reduces carbon emissions.
Generates meta data, synthetic data - increases your AI use case value
Protects your IP from LLM exposure - options for domain-specific small language models.   

Inteligems Labs is used by organizations of all sizes

What our customers are saying

‌“As a leading tumor specimen provider, Bio-Options required an accurate solution for classifying tumors. Classifying tumors is a tedious, time-consuming process that ties up our highly trained professionals.

We tried mainstream AI models like GPT-4 and Gemini Pro but they fell short and privacy is critical. This is where Inteligems Labs stepped in. Their Launchpad process and AI models quickly advanced us from concept to a pilot, customized to our needs.

The results are amazing: $400,000 in annual savings, 80% faster order fulfillment, and a 20% increase in orders. We're excited to explore further AI innovations with Inteligems, they’re an exceptional AI partner.”
‌Larry Blocher, M.D., J.D.
‌CEO, Bio-Options
"We at Harmony are building an AI platform that will provide businesses with the insights they need to make informed decisions and fulfill their fiduciary duty. 

We tried commercial LLMs such as GPT4 and Gemini Pro, but they proved inadequate as zero-hallucination, in-line source citation and accuracy were critical to us. 

Harmony partenered with Inteligems Labs to build a bespoke Harmony Odyssey. Inteligems Labs team undertook a series for R&D activities to invent new algorithms and ML designs to solve data extraction, augmentation and retrieval challenges at scale.

I am confident that the state-of-art new technology resulting from the R&D will enable Harmony to deliver 10x value to our clients."
‌Leticia Lazaridis Goldberg
‌COO, Harmony Analytics

Versational® Work Productivity AI ​

Versational® is an AI productivity solution that reduces meetings by 35% and follow-up work by 75%. It uncovers 2x more actionable insights after every interaction, streamlines follow-up, eliminates low-value tasks, and captures speaker knowledge through domain-specific, private small language models, improving problem-solving and team dynamics.​

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Realize value faster:
Get your proprietary knowledge ready for GenAI

We serve ambitious businesses that want to mine value from their diverse, siloed data, get more done for less and deliver innovative offerings.

Odyssey AI chats with all your data, connecting to siloed data sources, CRM, Work Tools, Video, Audio, Work Docs, Images, Presentations

Get more value from your GenAI Use Cases:
Unlock Hidden Multi-Modal Data Insights,
Deploy Intelligent Agents, Deliver Proprietary Value

  • Deploy:  4-5X ROI in 60-90 days​
  • Where compliance, safeguarding IP, and privacy are paramount​
  • 30% less cost, lower carbon emissions

Transform your business logic and siloed data into domain-specific knowledge for competitive advantage

We deliver customize AI solutions for enterprises where compliance and privacy are paramount.

​Our speech AI and GenAI products drive customer business growth, innovation and productivity while safeguarding intellectual property against vulnerabilities associated with mainstream large language models. ​

We offer work productivity AI (Versational) and private  knowledge insight applications (Odyssey) that integrate siloed enterprise data (audio, video, text, application and unstructured).