Revolutionizing human interactions with AI

Inteligems Labs is revolutionizing the way humans interact, accomplish more and gain insight.

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What We're Building

We design and deploy advanced AI tools and API services that use efficient private large language models and speech AI to deeply grasp the context and semantics of text and the nuances of spoken conversations. Our platform captures the gems in your interactions, enabling humans to learn from each other, identify areas for improvement, and make well-informed decisions.

Very few solutions achieve this without hallucination.

We’re laser focused on precision, delivering highly accurate, relevant results with domain-specific source attribution. We are first-to-market with vectorization of source attribution for LLMs. To accomplish this, we are simultaneously introducing scientific innovations and tackling cognitive science challenges posed by these AI models and customer use cases of this sophistication. For instance,

We're developing the next generation of objective-driven task agents that enhance work productivity
by automating tasks across software stacks with utmost accuracy.

This unwavering focus distinctly positions us ahead of the prevalent generative AI assistive chatbots, AI conversation intelligence tools, AIwriters, prompt engines, and task agents in the market.


Inteligems® Labs started in 2021 with a global team of PhDs, data scientists, engineers, designers, and customer success professionals.  We work from Edinburgh, Dusseldorf, Vancouver, Toronto, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Mexico City, Kolkata, Warsaw, Cape Town, Instanbul and Cebu.

Our teams embrace elegant simplicity. We thrive on breaking down complex challenges into their simplest parts. We believe that the most impactful solutions are the simplest and most efficient ones.

Our team has founded over 20 successful technology companies in digital healthcare and fintech, and achieved several exits. While working in a hybrid format, our team has developed strong camaraderie. We’re football (soccer) nuts, outdoor enthusiasts and love to hike at our gatherings.

Social Good

Our team strives to make a positive difference locally and globally contributing to a good cause.