Overcoming Project Management Hurdles
with a Private Small Language Model

Eliminate the risk of exposing your intellectual assets to public LLMs

‌Protect your proprietary information, including your prompts from exposure via public LLMs
‌Summarize and extract key insights from confidential project documents, meeting notes, and reports without data leakage concerns
‌Access and manage organizational knowledge easily and securely.

Get accurate responses, linked to source with near zero hallucination

‌Make informed decisions based on accurate knowledge and reliable information
‌Avoid costly errors in project planning and execution due to made-up data
‌Streamline credible knowledge retrieval, saving time and improving efficiency.

Reduce training and onboarding costs for team members and stakeholders

‌Generate scalable and customized training materials, catering to specific needs of projects and teams
‌Decrease the need for synchronous training sessions by offering on-demand access to training resources anytime, anywhere
‌Provide current training materials with the latest industry trends, methodologies and best practices.

Minimise the adverse impact of scope creep on project timelines, budgets and quality

‌Easily identify risks associated with scope changes and address potential issues immediately
‌Perform impact assessments on scope changes, predicting how they will affect project timelines, budgets, and resource allocation
‌Analyze past project data to identify scope creep patterns and recommend preventive measures for current and future projects.

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