Win with Multi-Modal AI: Unleash Growth, Innovation & Profits
in 30-90 days

Our experts co-create custom AI solutions for you, proving value fast
(in just 1-2 weeks) with proof-of-concept results.

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Build AI capability, Unlock Hidden Insights, Automate Workflows, Deliver Proprietary Value

  • Private AI: Protect Data, Gain Proprietary Insights
  • Launch:  4-5x ROI in 30-90 days
  • 50% Less Cost, Lower Carbon Emissions

Trusted by companies of all sizes

Unlock Your Private AI Advantage

Your Data. Your Intellectual Property.

  • Secure & private AI solutions to leap ahead of competitors
  • Exclusively Yours:  
    Machine learning models, small language models, intelligent agents and knowledge frameworks
  • Win Fast:
    Proprietary AI delivers unique experiences that competitors cannot match on public LLMs.

Realize Business Outcomes with Private Multi-Modal AI

We serve businesses that seek opportunities to mine value from diverse, siloed data, get more done for less and deliver innovative offerings.

We Bridge Your AI Skill Gaps Affordably

  • Enable Self-Sufficiency:  
    Build your own AI use cases with Odyssey AI
  • Upskilling:
    Transfer knowledge to your team with every project
  • Tap Accessible Expertise:
    Work with AI experts from the University of Edinburgh.

Get quick wins with proof of concepts in just 2 weeks

Unlock proprietary insights, unique use cases and distinctive customer experiences
that rivals can’t match.

Real-time AI results in your Apps

  • Seamlessly integrate AI insights into your everyday tools (CRM and more)
  • Supercharge your app's value with private multi-modal intelligence.

Q&A, Insights, Predictions

  • Source Attribution Extracts
    Structured Reports, Charts, Graphs
  • Structured Reports, Charts, Graphs

Intelligent Automation

  • Unleash AI agents to automate tasks and boost productivity.

Path to Solution

Get fully launched with Odyssey AI in less than 6 weeks

Week 1


Goals, Use Cases, Workflows
Data Sources, Technologies
Capacity, Capabilities

Week 1

Week 2

Design & Analysis

Training Data
User Experience, Front-end UI
Assumptions, Risks 
Business Case (KPIs, ROI)

Week 2

Week 3

Fast Track

Proprietary ML Models
Private Small Language Model (PSLM)
Odyssey AI Configuration 
Experiment, Train, Refine, Test
Iterative Sprints

Week 3

Week 4

Proof of Concept

Demo Day
Validate Go-Live plan

Week 4

Week 6

Launch & Training

Knowledge Transfer
PSLM Ops Monitoring, Reporting
Odyssey Subscription Option

Week 6

Unlock Growth
& Efficiency with AI

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